I have worked in the Retail industry, from perfumes like YSL, BVLGARI, Salvatore Farragamo to apparels like Esprit and Nautica and ended up working as a Party Planner in an Event Management and Retail Company. I have been interested in Visual Merchandising, so there was always that inclination towards visuals.

When I was young, one of my aunts gifted me a small camera, and what started off of as a fun activity slowly became more and more of an interest to me. When I got a DSLR, the interest turned into passion, and gradually I started to freelance as a photographer.

I am a self-taught photographer who is always learning new tricks of the trade.

Kaleidoscope of Life Blog
I started the blog when I felt there are a lot of stories that need telling about every day life – the emotions and special moments, my
adventures, photo-walks, train journeys, my daily commute to work. Everything  I feel interested in finds its way into the blog to recreate these memories.

Camera Buddies Kolkata
I am one of the Admins of Camera Buddies Kolkata, a photo walk group
in Kolkata. From capturing the essence of the city to having endless discussions about photography, to tea sessions, it’s all there!

Varun Photographics
I started my website/blog to showcase the photographs I have been taking since I picked up a DSLR camera. You will find photographs for commercial stock images and for professional assignments in the various categories mentioned here.

Explore the Country Photo Tours
I intend to organize photo tours so that I can share my love of travel and photography with avid photo enthusiasts savoring art, crafts, architecture, nature, food, history and culture with tour groups soon. Those interested can join.

Get in touch with me for personalized photo albums,  photo shoots, project assignments, posters, point-of-purchase materials for retail stores,  product, food and fashion photography.

Drop me a message on the contact sheet.
You can also write to me directly at varun_photographics1@gmail.com
or call on +918584938913, +918981113506.